Berlin Mini Ballpoint Pen “Finnish Birch Wood”

145,00  incl. VAT

Handmade unique item made from finnish birch wood with replaceable ink refill. On request the writing instrument can be personalised with an engraving.

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Finnish Birch Wood
“betula finnica”

As a pioneer tree, the birch symbolises youth and fertility, which is reflected in local customs. Its artisan, medical and experiential potential is inscribed in cultural history. Ötzi´s bag was made of birch bark. The primeval chewing gum made from birch pitch was found in the pile-dwellings in Unteruldingen. Only birch wood is flammable when wet. The flamed and veined structure makes Finnish birch wood truly unique.


Length: 92 mm.
Construction kit: Push device and tip made entirely from nickel-plated brass.
Surface treatment: Oiled and polished.
Ink: Schmidt mine 635 or Schneider Express 56, width size M, ink colour: black or blue, international norm “D1”. Document quality ink.

Delivery contents: 1x Berlin Mini Ballpoint Pen, packaging made from recycled paper, technical card, wood description and business card.

Berlin Mini Ballpoint Pen “Finnish Birch Wood”
145,00  incl. VAT