Each of Jean-Frédéric Fesseler’s writing instruments is crafted by hand in his Berlin studio; the process of creating the finished model involves a variety of steps. In his work he uses expressive native or exotic precious wood species which have been seasoned for decades. This long period of time is essential to achieve the beautiful structure and colouration. Each piece is unique and has an individual grain. The various models are both jewellery pieces as well as writing instruments and also make an ideal present. The packaging is made from recycled paper and includes a card with additional information for each type of wood and technical Informations.

For nature conservation and aesthetic reasons, we are partnering with Swiss Wood Solutions, a spin-off of Empa and ETH Zurich, on the Züri Series. The mission of this start-up company is to offer a surrogate for exotic woods. The sourced woods offer a veritable experience in structure, colour and density. 

Bijouwood is a technologically enhanced and aesthetically appealing wood material comprised of domestic wood species such as oak, figured maple, ash, cherry and many other wood species from sustainable forests. Bijouwood is highly dense (1’300-1’400 kg/m3), extremely hard (Brinell hardness > 100 N/mm2), dimensionally stable as well as scratch- and abrasion-resistant. Bijouwood consists of 100% wood and does not contain any plastic or resin, it therefore is 100% biodegradable. The material can readily be engraved with a CO2 laser without burn marks.

Atelier Fesseler and Interholco are proud to present Lobi, the spearhead of its first collection made from certified Sustainable Hardwood, Made in Africa according to the most demanding socio-environmental criteria. Lobi means ‘tomorrow’ and ‘future’ in the broadest sense; the name is derived from Lingala, the most widely used language in Congo Basin countries.

Lobi is not just a writing object, but a muse that can inspire us to draw the lines or words that best express our feelings or projects. Her secret? To draw a door on an impassable wall and then open it. Such a key makes it possible to sketch the contours of one’s dreams on the material of one’s choice, be it paper, fabric or wood. Lobi is for designers, craftsmen and architects in the broadest sense possible, with an optimal, ergonomic shape, as timeless as the future.

Lobi is available in Bosse, Kanda and Sapelli – three of Africa’s leading wood species from the Ngombé forest, which Interholco responsibly manages in the northern Republic of Congo.

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