Paris Fountain Pen “Snake Wood”

1.250,00  incl. VAT

Handmade unique item made from skake wood with 18k gold plated nib. On request the writing instrument can be personalised with an engraving.


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Snake Wood
“brosimum guianense”

It is so called for its characteristic appearance.
Altogether the most spectacular wood in terms of texture.
Extremely dense and hard.
Very difficult to work with.
Fancy goods.
Extremely rare.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Length: 152 mm. Construction kit: The center ring and handle are made of sandblasted brass. All nibs are fabricated by the company Bock in Heidelberg, Germany.The used nibs are 18k gold plated but can also be ordered with an additional charge in 18k gold, titanium or stainless steel. The following widths are available: fine (F), medium (M), wide (B) and extra wide (BB). Surface treatment: Oiled and polished. Delivery contents: 1x Paris Fountain Pen, packaging made from recycled paper, technical card, wood description and business card.
Paris Fountain Pen “Snake Wood”
1.250,00  incl. VAT